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Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, Treat Respiratory Disorders

Residents of Wayne, WV, struggling with respiratory disorders can count on Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, for effective treatment. We offer various treatments, from sleep medicine to pulmonary function testing, to provide effective pulmonary care to our patients, allowing them to carry on with their life. To learn about our services or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at (304) 400-4545. Please note that initial appointments must be referred by your physician. To view your existing account, view our patient portal.

Wayne-County Residents’ Choice for Experienced Pulmonary Care

Those living with breathing disorders like COPD, asthma, and emphysema understand the importance of compassionate, knowledgeable pulmonary care. Our team has treated various lung disorders over the years, and we offer physical therapy and other treatments to help patients learn to manage their disorder, including pulmonary function testing and sleep testing. We also provide on-site radiology, such as x-rays and CT scans, to quickly find any issues going on with your lungs. Take the next step in pulmonary care by calling the lung doctors of Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, today.

Convenient Sleep Lab Near Williamson, WV

Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, have an on-site sleep lab to monitor and conduct sleep testing. Those in Williamson, WV, or the surrounding areas come to us for effective sleep studies. Our facility has six private rooms for your convenience, along with queen-sized beds, cable, and access to Wi-Fi. Talk to your doctor about scheduling your sleep study at Pulmonary Associates.

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Pulmonary care is nothing to take lightly, especially if you are suffering from a chronic lung disease or disorder. For expert care that you can count on, contact Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, to schedule an appointment or to submit a referral. Our team is here to help you navigate life after a diagnosis, and help you to manage your disorder.

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