Sleep Medicine and Pulmonary Care
in South Charleston, WV

Critical Care Medicine at Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC

Critical care doctors specialize in terminal illness. The doctors at Pulmonary Associates of Charleston treat patients with chronic pulmonary diseases. We provide pulmonary rehabilitation to help educate patients on how to live and cope with their disease, along with on-site radiology tests when needed or required. Please download our patient referral, or call (304) 400-4545 to learn more about our pulmonary and sleep medicine services.

Pulmonary Associates of Charleston Provides On-Site Radiology

Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, provides on-site radiology to patients in South Charleston, WV. We provide same-day test reading as well to restore patients’ peace of mind. When referred by a physician, our technicians perform the following tests:

CT Scans: CT scans detect acute and chronic changes in lungs. CT scans provide more in-depth images than x-rays.

X-Rays: X-rays provide two-dimensional images. An x-ray will show signs of pneumonia, TB, cancer, and other pulmonary diseases.

EKG/ECG: Electrocardiograms (ECG or EKG) record heart rhythm. They can show signs of COPD, pulmonary hypertension, and pulmonary embolism. Technicians will go over the results with patients the same day as the test.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Breathing Disorder Treatment

Pulmonary Associates of Charleston offers physical therapy to treat breathing disorders. Respiratory therapists work closely with patients during physical activity to help manage their disease. We also provide education during pulmonary rehabilitation for patients to fully understand their disease and how to live comfortably. Referred patients will attend therapy sessions twice a week. The pulmonary rehabilitation sessions are available Monday through Thursday during office hours, and patient assessments take place on Fridays.

Pulmonary Function Testing in South Charleston, WV

Pulmonary function tests measure different forms of lung capacity, volume, flow rates, and gas exchange. These tests can help diagnose acute and chronic lung diseases, including asthma, allergies, emphysema, and many others. Patients complete pulmonary function tests at the Pulmonary Associates facility in South Charleston, WV. After the test, one of our pulmonologists will go over the results and work out a treatment plan to best suit your needs.

Pulmonary Associates of Charleston Provides Sleep Testing

Pulmonary Associates of Charleston has an on-site sleep lab to perform sleep testing and studies. Those with sleep disorders can submit a physician referral to our facility to undergo an evaluation with a certified sleep technician. Pulmonary Associates of Charleston has six private rooms in our sleep lab for sleep testing patients. These rooms are fully equipped with a private bathroom, queen-sized bed, cable, and access to Wi-Fi. Sleep technicians conduct sleep testing seven days a week in our sleep lab. For more information on how to schedule a sleep study, contact Pulmonary Associates of Charleston today.