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Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, Treats Breathing Disorders

Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, is a sleep medicine facility that offers pulmonary care to residents of Beckley, WV; Shady Spring, WV; Sophia, WV; and the surrounding areas. Our sleep lab has six private rooms to keep patients comfortable, fully equipped with a queen-size bed, Wi-Fi, and cable. If you are diagnosed with a breathing disorder, fear not. Our lung doctors and technicians are here to provide treatment, therapy, and other rehabilitation services to help you live and maintain your breathing disorder.

Please call us at (304) 400-4545 to schedule an appointment or to submit a physician referral. To view your account please see our patient portal.

COPD Treatment for Beckley-Area Residents

COPD can come from a variety of causes, including smoking, air pollution, and chemical inhalation. While there is no cure for COPD, there are various treatments and therapies that can help you to manage the disease and still enjoy life. At Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, we offer a range of breathing treatments, studies, and physical therapies to teach patients how to go about daily tasks and make the most out of their diagnosis. Talk to our friendly staff today to schedule an appointment or to submit a referral.

CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnea at Pulmonary Associates of Charleston

If you have or believe you have sleep apnea in Alum Creek, WV, or the surrounding areas, contact Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC. We can perform a sleep study and any necessary radiology tests on-site to accurately diagnose and treat your respiratory disorder. We can provide CPAP machines and other at-home treatment equipment to provide safety and comfort.

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At Pulmonary Associations of Charleston, PLLC, we understand that undergoing any pulmonary care or testing is a stressful, scary time. If you struggle from asthma, severe allergies, emphysema, COPD, or other respiratory disorders in Hamlin, WV, or the surrounding areas, our team is here to help. We have the proper training, technology, and services to diagnose and treat a range of disorders, allowing you to manage the disease and feel comfortable doing so.

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